Paperblanks Flexis Journal: Michelangelo, Handwriting Midi Gelinieerd

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Paperblanks Flexis Notitieboek
Embellished Manuscripts: Michelangelo, Handwriting


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Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475–1564) is considered one of the masters of the Italian Renaissance. The handwritten letter reproduced here demonstrates the passion of one of humanity’s greatest artists. And with the Sistine Chapel’s The Creation of Adam featured on the back cover, the point of creation beautifully bookends this Embellished Manuscript.

– Afmeting: 12 x 17,5 cm
– 176 pagina’s
– 100 grams papier
– Gelinieerd
– Softcover
– Elastieksluiting
– Handig opbergvakje achterin
– 1 Leeslintje

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