Paperblanks Flexis Journal: Red Velvet Ultra Blanco

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Paperblanks Notitieboek
Velvet Dalmatic; Red Velvet


2 op voorraad

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Our Red Velvet design is inspired by a 15th-century velvet dalmatic that was decorated in brocaded gilt metal thread with a seven-lobed shield, an artichoke-like botanical shape and tiny floral patterns. This luxury fabric also inspired our Blue Velvet series, a complementary piece of this Velvet Dalmatic collection.

– Afmeting: 17 x 22,5 cm
– 176 pagina’s
– 100 grams papier
– Blanco
– Softcover
– Elastieksluiting
– Handig opbergvakje achterin
– 1 Leeslintje

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