Paperblanks Journal (Mini) Gelinieerd Morris Pink Honeysuckle


  • Paperblanks Journal (mini) gelinieerd
  • Gelinieerd
  • 176 pagina’s
  • hardcover
  • Afmetingen: 95x140x18 mm
  • 9781439793893



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William Morris (1834–1896) is one of the most renowned figures in the decorative arts. As a textile designer, he developed an original style that charmed his contemporaries and has since become a point of reference for all those interested in design and decoration. His creative approach was characterized by his pronounced views on what constitutes beauty and a firm belief in the essential value of art and handicraft. The Arts and Crafts movement, inspired by the ideals of Morris and the social theorist John Ruskin, had as much of an anti-industrial ideological component as it did an aesthetic teaching.

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